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Office of the President

The members within the President’s Office include the CEO/President, Board of Trustees and Cabinet. Together, they work to provide continuous leadership to the staff and faculty at Aims Community College. They represent the interests of Aims while upholding all policies in order to align with the purpose, vision, mission and values of the college.

Building a Stronger Community

  • Aims Strategic Magazine

    The 2018-2023 Aims Strategic Plan is the framework by which the president, Board of Trustees and staff operate to empower students to succeed. Additionally, it lays out how the college is working to enhance operational performance and enrich Northern Colorado’s economic development. The goal is to complete each outlined initiative by the end of the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Aims Core Measures Report

    Benchmarks and current performance toward the Strategic Plan’s core measures of access, retention, learning, completion and impact are outlined in the Core Measure Report.

  • Purpose, Mission and Vision

    Staff continuously works toward the purpose of building a stronger community, reaching the vision of being First Choice: The Recognized Leader in Learning and Student Success and fulfilling the mission to provide knowledge and skills to advance the quality of life, economic vitality and overall success of diverse communities.

  • Annual Reports

    Each year, Aims puts out an annual report to the community. This comprehensive release includes the status of each tactic within the strategic plan, an at-a-glance profile of the college’s student body, how the college is making an impact within the community and a look into the distribution of funds for student aid and more.

CEO/President's Goals

Aims Community College Board of Trustees and the CEO/President establishes annual goals to prepare for each academic year. Not only does this provide a clear direction for the president, but also offers transparency to students, staff and the community.

2022-2023 CEO/President's Goals

Tactics include:

  1. Expand Career & Technical Education (CTE) post-secondary opportunities partners (line 4 of Strategic Plan)
  2. Increase degree attainment by adult learners (line 8 of Strategic Plan)
  3. 12+12+6/30 per year initiative (line 10 of Strategic Plan)
  4. Design and implement guided pathway programs and services (line 11 of Strategic Plan)
  5. Review and implement recommendations from Climate Action Teams, as appropriate (line 14 of Strategic Plan)
  6. Facilities Master Plan: Windsor Academic Buildings & Sim City (line 16 of Strategic Plan)
  7. Design and implement a 5-year strategic enrollment management and retention plan (line 17 of Strategic Plan)
  8. Online Faculty Training and Online options (line 22 of Strategic Plan)

Tactics include:

  1. Develop resources to support fiscal literacy and access (line 26 of Strategic Plan) 
  2. Develop the leading and lagging indicators, benchmarks, and targets related to the Core Measures (line 28 of Strategic Plan)
  3. Enhance data training regarding data availability, usability, and analysis (line 29 of Strategic Plan)
  4. SOP (line 30 of Strategic Plan)
  5. Establish reporting cycle for programmatic and common learning outcome assessment (line 31 of Strategic Plan)
  6. Review and update all Policy/Procedure content using the Policy & Procedure Reformation Process (line 34 of Strategic Plan)
  7. Develop Operations Manual for select major processes (line 35 of Strategic Plan)
  8. Implement SEIS Program Evaluation/Assessment (line 37 of Strategic Plan)
  9. Expand professional development opportunities (line 40 of Strategic Plan)
  10. Concurrent Enrollment Training (line 45 of Strategic Plan)
  11. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation (line 48 of Strategic Plan)

Tactics include:

  1. Create Academic Plan (line 54 of Strategic Plan)
  2. Increase non-credit offerings to complement existing for-credit programs (line 55 of Strategic Plan)
  3. Research, design, and implement experiential work-based learning opportunities for all Aims students (line 62 of Strategic Plan)



The CEO/President of Aims and the Cabinet are dedicated to the work required to support the success of students, staff and faculty. 

The Cabinet comprises the senior executive leadership team. It works closely with the President, Board of Trustees, and academic leadership in providing advice, developing and implementing college-wide initiatives and overseeing operations. 

Each Cabinet member and corresponding team enhances the overall environment at Aims. At a glance, the Cabinet:

  • supports the CEO/President and Board of Trustees in pursuit of their defined goals
  • creates a community culture built around inclusivity and diversity
  • manages financial resources to maintain fiscal stability
  • optimizes marketing campaigns
  • communicates with the public
  • manages the IT team to ensure technology works to empower the college to do its work
  • defines future technology strategies to align with the college’s strategic goals
  • advises and counsels on all matters related to employee relations